Almost 5% of the population of the U. S. has some Italian ancestry. And many immigrants from Italy became stars in America.

You all know the man pictured above… one of the most international stars of the silent era. But how much do you know about Rudolph Valentino? Here’s a brief quiz. (Answers tomorrow.)

Question 1: In 1921’s The Sheik, Valentino plays a rapist. a) True; or b) False?

Question 2: Valentino always prided himself on his acting skills, and demanded roles that tested such skills. a) True; or b) False?

Question 3: Valentino was dogged by whispers about his shady beginnings in America, from 1914. Which of these occupations were in his past at that point? a) cafe dancer; b) petty thief; c) movie extra; or d) ad salesman.

Question 4: Where was Valentino born? a) Rome; b) Monte San Martino; c) Bologna; or d) Castellaneta.

Question 5: What killed Valentino, resulting in a funeral attended by thousands of fans? a) cancer; b) cirrhosis of the liver; c) heart failure; or d) peritonitis.

And did you know that one of Hollywood’s Golden age directors was also an immigrant from Italy? Frank Capra was one of the first film directors whose name became known to the masses.

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