So how much did you know about the woman who was on screen for over 50 years? A woman who played countless “tough” — but never “mean” — characters.

Despite superficial appearances, Iris Adrian was no slouch offscreen.

She worked enthusiastically (racking up some 158 credits over a half century), and generally improved every picture or tv show she was in. And after two prior misfires, she married well to Ray (‘Fido’) Murphy, an eccentric and outspoken sports figure and former football player.

The two were a match made in central casting.  Iris would tell fans that the reason their marriage lasted some three decades (until Murphy died in 1983) was that ‘Fido’ was NOT an actor. If an actor gets a pimple on his butt, she’d say, he thinks he’s ruined for life.

Iris described described actors as basically bums who got lucky in the looks department. Vain. Vain. It would be like dating another dame. She and ‘Fido’ had a comfortable marriage, aided and abetted by the shrewd real estate investments Iris made over the years. She died 11 years after her husband a well-off woman.

Ok, how much did you know about this outspoken actress?  Let’s get to the answers and find out (the questions can be found on the blog below).  Here we go:

1) Answer:  a) True.  The early career progression was pretty much in the order described.

2) Answer: Of the Adrian nicknames, only (c) Smartypants doesn’t apply here.  Iris was also referred to as Pearl, Sugar, Goldie and Bubbles.  She drew lots of nicknames.

3) Answer:  This is a trick question. (Sorry.) Iris appeared with ALL four stars onscreen. With Jack Lemmon it was the 1968 version of The Odd Couple. With Jerry Lewis it was 1961’s The Errand Boy. It was 1948’s The Paleface with Bob Hope. And with Elvis Presley it was 1961’s Blue Hawaii in which Iris plays Enid Garvey, and looks pretty good doing so.

4) Answer:  b) False (see introdution above).

5) Answer:  b) It was Jack Benny who featured Iris the most on tv, and on his personal appearance tours. Jack and Iris — a solid duo.

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