Did you know those two youngsters MGM was promoting in 1940? Here’s a better look at him.

And here’s a publicity shot of her with fellow contract players June Allyson and Virginia O’Brien.

He was Douglas McPhail, a promising young tenor, Met Opera quality, who had a brief film career from 1935 to 1943. He was in some important films in the late 30s — San Francisco, Born to Dance, Maytime…. He even played Judy Garland’s love interest in Little Nellie Kelly.

Betty Jaynes (still with us at 96), was also an operatic vocalist, and had a career which started in 1937 and lasted a bit longer. They were married at the time they made Babes in Arms, with Rooney and Garland. They even had a child together.  But by 1941 they were divorced, and he committed suicide, by poison, in 1944.

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