So how much did you know about Ida Lupino?

Did you know for example that the fellow pictured above was her first husband, actor Louis Hayward? And that she was heartbroken when their seven-year marriage fell apart in 1945 (check out our answers about why this happened).

In addition to her enterprising career as an actress, Lupino was quietly one of the few female directors of classic Hollywood to have a viable commercial career.  And in 1972’s Junior Bonner, she would wind down her 46-year career by costarring with top-of-his-game Steve McQueen.

Ok, on to the answers to our Ida Lupino quiz.  Please scroll down to the blog below to review the questions.  Here we go:

1) Answer:  a) True. The Lupino family’s theatrical roots date from the 17th century.  Ida was born in London in 1918, and her father, Stanley Lupino, was a highly popular British vaudeville comedian.  Ida began performing as a child, and made her movie debut at age 15.

2) Answer:  Whether they were or not, Ida most often greeted those around her as a) “darling.”

3) Answer:  a) True.  Lupino was billed above Humphrey Bogart in 1940’s High Sierra because back then she was better known and more popular.  She was all of 22 at the time.

4) Answer:  b) Ronald Colman.  Louis Hayward was husband No. 1. Hayward, an intense type, served in the South Pacific with the Marines in World War 2.  So shaken by the carnage he saw, he came home shellshocked, said to be incapable of a “normal” life. Lupino, who adored Hayward, was crushed as she witnessed the collapse of their marriage. Producer-actor Collier Young was husband No. 2, followed by Howard Duff.

5) Answer: b) Road House, the 1947 drama in which Lupino, playing a night club singer of considerable experience, warbles the movie’s songs including One For My Baby. She handled the vocals impressively.

6) Answer: c) Thelma Todd, whose dead body was  found in the garage of her residence not far from Santa Monica.  This was in 1936, and Lupino was called as a witness in the publicity-mad probe into the circumstances of Todd’s death.  Seems she had just returned from a party in her honor Lupino had arranged at Hollywood’s Tracadero.  For more on Thelma Todd, type in her name in the “search button” on the upper right of this blog.

7) Answer:  c) Jean Gabin, who costarred with Lupino in 20th Century Fox’s gritty 1942 melodrama, Moontide.  Gabin was an uneasy fit with Hollywood and, after making one more picture, hightailed it back to France.

8) Answer:  a) True.  Lupino’s stellar contribution to the film noir genre was RKO’s tense 1953 thriller The Hitch-Hiker, costarring Edmond O’Brien and Frank Lovejoy, and highlighted by a truly creepy performance from William Talman.  Highly recommended, not to be missed.

9) Answer: Joan Fontaine and Lupino shared a) a mutual dislike and b) a husband, Collier Young, who married Fontaine after divorcing Lupino.

10) Answer:  c) Bette Davis.

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