How much did you know about Ian Wolfe.  (There he is above resembling a dapper Laurence Olivier.)

Remember, while Olivier — obviously a major star — compiled some 85 movie and tv credits over the span of his career, Wolfe — the character actor extraordinaire — logged more than 300. That was life for the best supporting players in the classic Hollywood era.  Work, work work!

The roles might have been snippets but  great character actors such as Wolfe put their individual imprints on each assignment.  You may not have remembered their names, but oh, those faces and voices.

Ok, on to the answers to our Ian Wolfe Quiz. Here we go:

1) Question: Wolfe appeared in this Nicholas Ray movie as a medical doctor surrounded by misunderstood teenagers led by a budding star.  Can you identify this 1955 picture and its star.

1) Answer: Rebel Without A Cause, starring James Dean.

2) Question: Wolfe appeared in two episodes of this 1960’s tv series (as Septimus and Mr. Altoz), the original tube version of a spectacularly successful sci-fi title. (Hint:  Think William Shatner.

2) Answer: The Star Trek original tv series, from 1966 to 1969 on NBC. It bombed, but took off in syndication long after this three-season network run. The rest is history.

3) Question:  Wolfe appeared in these two Alfred Hitchcock thrillers.  Can you identify which ones? a) 1942’s Saboteur; b) 1964’s Marnie; c) 1935’s The 39 Steps; or d) 1940’s Foreign Correspondent.

3) Answer: a) Saboteur and d) Foreign Correspondent.

4) Question: In this star-stuffed, 1957 courtroom drama, Wolfe plays the clerk and office manager of barrister Charles Laughton.  Can you name this movie’s title and its director (he is frequently cited for his comedies)?

4) Answer: Witness For The Prosecution, which stars Tyrone Power and Marlene Dietrich.  The director was Billy Wilder.

5) Question: Wolfe is one of the few American-born actor to play Sherlock Holmes.  a) True; or b) False.

5) Answer: a) True. Theatrically trained Wolfe had precise, elegant diction, perfect for the Sherlock role.  He was often mistaken for being a British actor.

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