He was a star in comedy and musicals. Yes, that pensive young man pictured above is Howard Keel, who for a decade starred in MGM hits, and misses.  How much do you remember about him.

As usual, questions today, answers tomorrow.

1) How many films did Keel make with Kathryn Grayson.

2) In which film did he play a dual role? Hint — it wasn’t a musical.

3) Did Keel portray Ann Blyth’s father, or lover on screen?

4) Keel was a major star on Broadway. Did he play the lead in Oklahoma or Carousel?

5) His first film was a foreign film. True or False?

6) After retirement from films he returned to the stage, but then shot back to stardom on TV. On what show?

7) Although Annie Get Your Gun established him as a star and grossed over $7 million, it wasn’t his biggest hit.  What was?

8)When his contract at MGM was over he went to Europe and made his second (and final) foreign film.  What was it. (this is a tough one!)


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