Have you heard about Palcohol? It’s a new product, powered alcohol, which is about to be marketed and is running into all sorts of probems with politicians in various states which are trying to ban it.

Well, guess what, classic movie fans, Science has just caught up with Hollywood’s imagination. Back in 1962’s Lover Come Back adman Jerry Webster (Rock Hudson) implored “crazy” scientist, Dr. Linus Tyler (Jack Kruschen) to come up with a product, any product for his mythical VIP.

It’s the second of the Hudson/Doris Day comedies, and it’s a classic.

And the new product is a mint candy, VIP, and as Kruschen’s character says,”what this country needs, is a good 5 cent drunk.”

The makers of Palcohol once suggested the power could be sprinkled on anything to get the necessary high, and the politicians are worried that the powder could fall into the hands of minors.

Well, as anyone who’s seen Lover Come Back can testify, powdered alcohol in candy form can have disastrous consequences.

The film also stars Tony Randall, Jack Oakie, Edie Adams and Ann B. Davis. As with their previous hit, Pillow Talk, the plot revolves around Rock tricking Doris into seducing him, with alot of innuendo about him possibly swinging both ways.

As TCM might say, it’s one of The Essentials.

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