Joe was in Heidelberg today and thought of one of his favorite movies —NOT a classic, but fun and interesting. And part of that funky Hollywood history because Mario Lanza was cast by MGM for the film but after problems with his weight was replaced by Edmund Purdom. But of course Lanza’s voice was used.

Ann Blyth co-starred and it was one of those magical Technicolor movies of the 50’s which had a huge impact on Joe. And for over 60 years he has longed to see Heidelberg. Now he has.

Lanza had scored big at MGM. He was first teamed with Kathryn Grayson.

Later he starred with Ann Blyth in The Great Caruso.

But Ann, and all Lanza’s fans, had to settle for Edmond Purdom as The Student Prince. The film was still a box office success.

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