What movies can we recommend for the holiday?


How about Dutch….a forgotten film from the early nineties (1991 to be exact). It’s well outside our classic Hollywood time frame but well worth a holiday look nonetheless.


For one large thing, the movie boasts of the appearance of Ed O’Neill, the pride of Youngstown, Ohio, who has perfected the characterizations of white working class male characters (much desired by politicians these days). As shoe salesman Al Bundy, O’Neill is a mainstay of that memorable Eighties tv series, Married With Children.

Here, O’Neill plays the title role, a construction worker who falls for the wealthy ex-wife (play by the excellent JoBeth Williams) of a snobbish business tycoon. He volunteers to drive the woman’s snotty 13-year-old son home to Chicago from a Georgia prep school.  The reason — a family Thanksgiving dinner/celebration.

Little does O’Neill know what’s in store for him.  What unfolds is class warfare driven by the kid’s disdain for Dutch as a suitable partner for mom. We’ll leave it to you to discover how it all works out.

Dutch is is the kind of a pleasant sociological adventure cooked up by John Hughes, who produced and wrote the script (director is Peter Faiman). A sequel was planned but never materialized since Dutch didn’t exactly light up the box office.

It’s not a great movie but certainly a most watchable one.  Take a look.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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