When we think of Thanksgiving we think of Turkey. And, of course, we can think of hundreds of “turkeys” which you might screen on this holiday. We all have a favorite BAD movie. What”s yours?

But let’s choose a good film to watch while we recover from overeating.

Two Woody Allen films have Thanksgiving Day settings and both are worth watching, even if Allen himself is in them. Broadway Danny Rose tells the story of a small time theatrical agent and is one of his best comedy films. Hannah and Her Sisters is more of a comedy/drama.  Mia Farrow stars in both. (Do you recognize her as the gun moll?)

On a more serious note may we suggest Plymouth Adventure, the story of the Mayflower crossing. The reason for the first Thanksgiving. It’s an MGM film and thus an MGM take on what happened on that fateful voyage. Spencer Tracy and Gene Tierney are oddly paired as the love interests, but then you also have Van Johnson and Dawn Addams as John Alden and Priscilla Mullins.

The film is by no means a classic. But it’s a fun one to see on what is historically America’s first holiday.

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