What better film to highlight on St. Paddy’s Day but John Ford‘s classic, The Quiet Man?

The John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara starrer was quite a family affair. Wayne had brought his children with him to Ireland for the filming and Ford used Michael who was 18, Patrick who was 13, and their sisters, Toni, 16, and Melinda, 12, as extras in the horseracing scenes.

O’Hara’s two brothers, Charles Fitzsimmons and James Fitzsimmons (billed as Lilburn) were given more substantial roles. James played the young priest and Charles was Hugh Forbes.

Barry Fitzgerald‘s brother Arthur Shields played the protestant minister and Ford even gave his older brother Francis Ford (Yes, the man who Francis Ford Coppola is named after) a small part. And the director’s son-in-law, Ken Curtis, was cast in a bit as well.

It’s a grand picture for the holiday.

Look for your All About Eve answers tomorrow.

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