This year hundreds of films will be made. Will any of them be remembered 100 years from today?  Even 50 years from today?

Fifty years ago these films were playing at your local theaters —Dr. Strangelove, Mary Poppins, Becket,(above) Goldfinger, and My Fair Lady. And soon you’d be seeing The Sound of Music and Dr. Zhivago.

One hundred years ago the film industry was in its infancy. Yet it managed to produce at least a dozen films which are remembered today. Most notable are The Tramp and Birth of a Nation.

While Charlie Chaplin had played the character before in many short films, with The Tramp he cemented the character in the hearts and minds of his generation.

And everyone who knows ANYTHING about the movies has at least heard of, if not seen, Birth of a Nation.

What will be remembered of this year’s releases?

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