Again, Happy Holidays fans of Classicmoviechat. We along with you all have our favorite films for the holidays.

Our’s include 1945’s Christmas in Connecticut costarring Barbara Stanwyck, Dennis Morgan and our man Sydney Greenstreet. It’s about a faux food journalist (Stanwyck) fearing exposure by her boss.  Most tasty.

Then there is 1940’s Remember the Night, also starring Stanwyck along with Fred MacMurray. This one is a more subtle comedy written by Preston Sturges and directed by Mitchell Leisen. Interestingly, those lucky enough to be living near New York City’s Film Forum — certainly one of the country’s premier revival and art cinemas — had a chance to view this one on the big screen since the Forum revived it over the holidays. Great booking.

Let’s not forget, you fans of New Year’s eve, Repeat Performance. (One sheet is duplicated in the visual above.) We’ve discussed this one before.  It’s hard to find — it was theatrically released by Eagle-Lion Films in 1947 — so when it’s on TV try to record it. There is a DVD version available so by all means search for it on the internet. Yes, it is out there.

Repeat Performance is one of those independent films from the late 1940s, when they got together all sorts of stars, and has been stars, and threw them into a film which the major studios usually wouldn’t touch.

It stars Joan Leslie and Louis Hayward and has such luminaries as Natalie Schaefer, Richard Basehart. Virginia Field and Tom Conway along for the fun. Joan shoots her husband on New Year’s eve.  Then wishes she had the whole year to live over. Magically she’s granted that wish.  But guess what?  Her husband is still shot on New Year

One quick question.

Two classic films, one from 1960, one from the 80s, have leading characters running through the streets of New York on New Year’s Eve to get to their special someone. What are those movies?  (And by the way, they are our recommendations for staying in on New Year’s Eve.)

Happy New Year!

(Our usual Monday Quiz will appear tomorrow.  We wanted to tell you about Repeat Performance to give you a few days to locate it.)

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