Classic Movie Chat is two years old this month!

Joe Morella and Frank Segers (going through the terrible twos) loving every minute of it. We launched this blog in April, 2011 and have been heartened by your response.

Enough about our anniversary. What about the anniversary of some great classic movies.

Some of our favorites, The Birds, Hud, and Love With the Proper Stranger, are celebrating their 50th anniversary! Now that’s staying power.

If you’ve missed any of these classics see them immediately.

The Birds was director Alfred Hitchcock’s last really good film. It stars Tippi Hedron and Rod Taylor, but, of course, the real stars are Hitchcock and the winged creatures who he makes terrifying instead of benign. And let’s give some credit to the wrtiers. It was Daphne du Maurier’s story and Evan Hunter’s screenplay.

Hud is one of Paul Newman’s best pictures. A modern day western about a man with no soul. Patricia Neal won an Oscar for her role as the savvy housekeeper who spurns his advances. Melvyn Douglas won a Best Supporting Oscar for playing his principaled, and disgusted with him. father. Brandon de Wilde, a good actor who died much too young, plays his nephew.  It was one of Newman’s many Academy nominations, and losses, for Best Actor.

Love With the Proper Stranger is one of Joe’s favorite films and stars Steve McQueen and Natalie Wood, both at the height of their careers. It’s a rare breed, a romantic comedy/drama. It deals with issues such as commitment and illegal abortion, but, yes, it’s still a warm, loving film.

And 50 years ago, when the music from movies still had a huge influence, the hit song (and Academy Award winner) was “Call me Irresponsible.”

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