No contest here. Green Dolphin Street.

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What’s not to like as this glossy 19th century costume drama from MGM presents a handsome young man (Richard Hart) sought after by not only Lana Turner but by Donna Reed, as well. The lucky devil doesn’t realize how fortunate he has it.

And, by the way, our research department is hard at work unearthing material about actor Hart, about which we do not know enough.

There’s more than a little foreign intrigue to spice up the romantic entanglements here with a marriage proposal coming in from New Zealand — addressed to the wrong woman.  Sorting this out is fun.

This 1947 specimen is MGM melodrama at its finest, sporting a sterling cast that includes the always reliable Van Heflin, Edmund Gwenn (seen above with Lana), Dame May Whitty, Gladys Cooper, Reginald Owen and future Hollywood bad girl, Linda Christian. 

And Yellow Sky.

Yellow Sky Poster

Gregory Peck gets to take off his shirt in this crusty 1948 western.  He also gets to squire one of our favorite actresses, Anne Baxter.


Directed by William Wellman, this hardbitten 20th Century Fox oater also features Richard Widmark as a bank robber on the loose who throws in with Peck to take over a ghost town populated by a young woman (Baxter) and her grandfather.

Yellow Sky (1948) - Photo Gallery - IMDb

The story is based on a unpublished novel by W.R. Burnett, one of classic Hollywood’s most prolific screenplay writers, which in turn was supposedly inspired by Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

Take a look.








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