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We know, we spent almost an entire week on Betty Grable last week, but we just had to repreive her.  Recently rocker Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane revealed that Grable was the biggest influence in her life.  Slick saw “The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend” when she was nine years old and recalls that Betty showed her that women could achieve anything they set out to do.  Funny, isn’t it, how old movies and old stars make a mark on us.

Now, another answer to the Bogie quiz:

QUESTION: When he was preppy, young Broadway stage actor, what’s the line that Bogie became best known for after running onstage?

ANSWER: We assume you already know that Bogie came from an affluent and socially prominent East Coast back round – his father a doctor, his mother a nationally famous illustrator – and that he flunked out of Phillips Andover Academy, the oldest board school in the U.S.

Silent film siren Louise Brooks described him early on as a “slim boy with charming manners, who was extraordinarily quiet for an actor. His handsome face was made extraordinary by a most beautiful mouth. It was very full, rosy, and perfectly modeled. To make it completely fascinating, at one corner of his upper lip a scarred quilted piece hung down in a tiny scallop.” (See two questions down for more on that scar.) It was no wonder that producers stuck the early stage-bound Bogie in juvenile roles sporting striped jackets and ducks, often coming onstage with a tennis racket or cocktail at the ready. Some show biz reporters of the time (including columnist Louella Parsons and critic Richard Watts Jr.) swore they heard Bogie asking, “Tennis, anyone?  It’s doubtful he ever uttered those exact words.  But Bogie later confessed to such early onstage gems as, “It’s forty-love outside. Anyone care to watch?”

YESTERDAY’S PIC: That was MGM star George Murphy who’d worked with Ronald Reagan at Warners.   Later Murphy ran for the Senate in California, was elected and served one term.  Reagan said his pal Murphy was responsible for him entering politics. “I figured if he could get elected Senator, I could get elected Governor”  That, of course, reminds us of the old joke — When Jack Warner was told Reagan was running for Governor he said “No. No.  Jimmy Stewart for Governor, Reagan for best friend.”

Of course Reagan was elected Governor of California (twice) which led to his election as President.  So whether you loved his presidency, or hated it, George Murphy must be credited or blamed.




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