Yes, last week we ran a photo of Clark Gable with his second wife, Maria Langham. That’s them above. It was his second marriage.

Hey, she had money, and he drank a lot back then. In his early years Gable gravitated to women who could help his career. Below he and his first wife, acting coach Josephine Dillon.

‘Ria’ was a thrice divorced woman with plenty of cash and social position, at least in Hollywood, and Clark was her boy toy. It was over pretty quickly but divorces weren’t easy to get in the 1930s unless both parties wanted one, and ‘Ria’ was content to be Mrs. Clark Gable from 1931 to 1939.

By then Gable was living with Carole Lombard and the soon to break scandal about Hollywood couples’ defying convention was brewing.

After all everyone in town was talking about Gable and Lombard, Chaplin and Goddard, and Stanwyck and Taylor. They all had to marry!   So MGM saw to it that Ria agreed to a divorce.

Now, in Lombard he had a prize. Someone beautiful who was witty and smart and as famous as he. But tragedy. She was killed in an airplane crash while rushing back to him after a trip to sell war bonds.

In his gin soaked grief, which lasted for years, he met and married Lady Sylvia Ashley.

And then, at last, true love (again) with Kay Williams Spreckels. She was a  former chorus who had become a celebrated socialite by marrying an heir to the Spreckels sugar fortune.

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