It’s been a while since we’ve plumbed the depths of our electronic mail bag to unearth reader gems. Well, we’re making up a bit for lost time today, and we think we’ve come up with some interesting missives — all positive, of course.

Regular contributor Jeff Woodman agrees with the points made by our Books-To-Movies maven, Larry Michie, in a recent three parter about how Ernest Hemingway novels fail for the most part to make interesting movies. The series ran in early May, and Jeff responds to Finally — A Good Movie From A Hemingway Novel published on May 9.

Nice series of posts, guys!

Thanks for pointing out what I’ve always felt — for an acclaimed author of wildly successful novels, the movies made from Hemingway’s oeuvre generally stink! (I must admit, I tried reading Hemingway years ago and pretty much loathed everything I attempted — heresy, I know.)

The liberties taken by (director Howard) Hawks in 1944 get further justification when one watches “The Breaking Point” (1950), an earnest, comparatively faithful-to-the-source-material version of ‘To Have And Have Not’, with a very good John Garfield and Patricia Neal, that, despite a good cast and script, just kinda lays there.

Any thoughts on “Islands In The Stream” (1977)? I remember disliking it as a kid, and it wasn’t a hit, but it seems to be fairly well regarded today.

Thanks, Jeff.  Haven’t seen Islands In The Stream costarring the late George C. Scott, David Hemings and Gilbert Roland (nice cast) in quite a while so we’ll have to take another look.

From Stephanie:

Thanks for finally writing about  ALAIN DELON (Out of Sight, But not Forgotten – Certainement!, March 13). Loved it!

Well, thank you, Stephanie. It was our pleasure to spread the word about this superb French actor who, unfortunately, is not as widely noted today as he should be.

Finally, we are STILL getting emails in response to our Was Van Johnson Gay blog published way back on Feb. 3, 2012.  This one from Frederick Bailey says it all:

To me it is not important whether he was gay or not. I grew (up) watching his ’40s movies and I am still a real fan.

We suggest you go back and read ALL the comments that entry has garnered.

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