Time to scour our trusty e-mailbag for late-breaking missives from our ever alert readers.

First from Alica Lameka, responding to our May 8 blog, ‘Fire and Ice — The Magic of Belita.’ She was the British-born figure skater who turned up in Hollywood in the Forties to enter the Sonja Henie-Vera Ralston movie box office sweepstakes.

Belita worked at Monogram Pictures, an economical studio which used her as a figure skater as well as a noir femme fatale, sometimes both at the same time. Here’s what reader Lameka writes:

As a retired figure skater I love reading about the older skaters. I liked Belita because she had long legs like mine, and she does moves that are now used by young skaters.

I skated profesionally for many years before I met my husband, a Doctor, and retired but continued to skate ’till I was 55 years old.

I caught (1943’s ‘Silver Skates’) on TV and remembered Belita, and started to hunt for more films. A real dedicated skater.

Thanks, Alicia.  The “dedicated” characterization describes both you and Belita.

In response to our Dec. 3 blog, More Strange Bedfellows, which asked the question — who are these two guys?  Regular reader Mike Sheridan wrote:

Big Joe, Fine Frank… isn’t that Sonny Bono? I can’t see the other too well.

You are half right, Mike.  That indeed was Sony Bono pictured on the right. The guy accompanying him on the left, the one you couldn’t see, is none other than surrealist painter Salvador Dali.  What an odd couple.

Suzy De Vasier commented on our May 23 blog — Those Character Guys — extolling the merits of various character actors more seen than identified.

I love watching Burt  on several  Me TV. shows.

The “Burt” referred to here was praised by a previous contributor, Jeff Woodman, who had this to say:

And here’s a plug for another grand old guy, Burt Mustin, who didn’t begin his acting career until AFTER he’d retired! In spite of his comparatively brief run (1951 – 1977), he became one of those ubiquitous, nameless “Oh yeah, him” character actors who seemed always to have been around, and whose presence greatly enhanced so many movies and TV shows.

Jeff made us take a second look at Burt Mustin.

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