Hello, everybody. Mr. Joe Morella and Mr. Frank Segers, your Classic Movie guys, back again, enjoying a very tasty luau that Mr. Norman Maine just prepared.

Hawaii is still on our minds because this is another in a series of blogs about the “From Here To Eternity.”

As you may know, our Books 2 Movie maven Larry Michie has been looking with considerable care into the differences between the 1951 James Jones novel (considered one of the best of the 20th Century) and the 1953 Fred Zinnemann movie version, which we regard as a Hollywood classic.

Larry initially confessed that unlike us — we love the movie — he was underwhelmed by both the novel and the motion picture version at first.  But then after having plowed through the 650-page novel and viewing a DVD of the movie, he changed his mind. Here’s Larry to explain himself.

Here is my latest version for “From Here to Eternity,” which you might want to title “Starting Here, and Going to Eternity.”

Here is my own take: I never particularly liked “From Here to Eternity” as a movie nor, until my recent re-reading of the James Jones novel, did I have a high regard for the book.

Now, however, I recognize the novel as a towering achievement for its time, a very real portrait of the U.S. Army just as the world was about to explode.

From a movie point of view, I’m astonished how the creators of the film managed to pack virtually every relevant aspect of the novel into the length of a film.

I just finished watching the DVD of the movie, and now I see at last that it was a spectacular triumph.

We agree, Larry.

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