He was right up there with Gary Cooper and Clark Gable in the ranks of Hollywood’s handsomest leading men.

He was so popular that mothers named their sons after him, presumably in hopes that they would turn out as strikingly good looking.

He was one of the few Hollywood stars who actually saw combat while serving in the military during World War II.

He was stereotyped as a dashing leading man in romantic period films although his best role was as a down-and-out carnival hustler.

He was one of Hollywood’s most generous classic actors, and we can’t get enough of him.

Tyrone Edmund Power came from a long line of distinguished thespians  (his father, Tyrone Sr.,  was a stage and screen star, his mother was a Shakespearean actress), and he lit up the screen from 1936 to his death decades years later.

Yet, your classic movie guys suspect that Power is not as well known today as he should be.  Are we wrong about that?

To find out, we decided to publish this Tyrone Power quiz. Let’s see how much you really do know about this fine actor. (Answers tomorrow.)

1) Question: Power began his movie career at this prominent Hollywood studio, and was considered the protege of the studio’s mogul.  Identify from the following the studio and its boss: 1) Monogram Pictures, Herbert Yates; 2) MGM, Louis B.Mayer; 3) Warner Bros., Jack Warner; or 4) 20th Century Fox, Darryl F. Zanuck.

2) Question: Which of Power’s movies was later remade by Bill Murray? 1) 1936’s Ladies in Love; 2) 1940’s The Mark of Zorro; 3) 1948’s The Luck of the Irish; or 4) 1946’s The Razor’s Edge?

3) Question: Power married three times.  His first wife went professionally by just one name.  Who was she? 1) Cher; 2) Annabella; 3) Charo; 4) Bjork; or 5) Falconetti.

4) Question: In which branch of the military did Power serve in World War II? 1) the Navy as a sailor; 2) Marines as a pilot; 3) Army as an infantryman; 4) or the Coast Guard as a customs inspector?

5) Question: Which of the following did NOT have an affair with Power? 1) Joan Blondell; 2) Judy Garland; 3) Lana Turner; 4) Loretta Young?

6) Question: One of Power’s three marriages was actually blessed in Rome by the Pope.  True or False?

7) Question: Who was Power’s second wife (clue, she was an international playgirl) and where did he meet her? 1) Barbara Payton in a Santa Monica bar; 2) Christina Onassis while swimming off the Greek Islands; 3) Linda Christian in a hotel in Europe; or 4) Deborah Ann Smith in New York City.

8) Question:  How old was Power when he died? 1) 37; 2) 54; 3) 44; or 4) 61?

9) Question:  Who was the actor who took over the leading role in Power’s last movie?  1) Yul Brynner; 2) Steve McQueen; 3) George Sanders; or 4) Maximilian Schell?

10) Question: Which actor was considered Power’s closest competition at the beginning of his movie career? 1) William Powell; 2) Mickey Rooney; 3) Robert Taylor; or 4) Ronald Colman?

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