Everyone acquainted with Hollywood lore knows about the “feud” between sisters Olivia deHavilland and Joan Fontaine. But another set of famous sisters, June Havoc and Gyspy Rose Lee also had a contentious relationship.

But no matter what, sisters, it seems, always stick together when it counts. ┬áIt’s known that Joan came through when Olivia needed financial help. And June told a funny story about Lousie (Gypsy). June was once hospitalized and Gypsy came to visit. “Listen, ” she said, “I’ve written a check just in case you need anything. I’m putting it right in this drawer. And don’t worry, I’m only charing you 6% interest, better than you’d get at any bank.”

Oh course, Gypsy was known to have a great sense of humor. But when she told the story Havoc wasn’t kidding.

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