There are alot of famous screen couples. So we thought we’d quiz you about some of the most famous.

It started in the silents, of course. That’s Greta Garbo above with her favorite leading man John Gilbert. They heated up the silver screen many times, and in this shot from The Flesh and the Devil they reputedly had the first open mouthed on screen kiss.

So let’s begin. Here are 10 questions. ¬†Answers, of course, tomorrow. With a few more questions.

1) They were the screen’s most famous teenage couple, singing and dancing their way thru a handful of hit pictures.

2) They were the screen’s most famous “adult” couple, sparring their way through light comedy and acting their way through some heavy dramas. Their off screen affair was, and is, much touted.

3) They only made one movie together and didn’t “connect” until years later, but they were Hollywood’s most infamous pair in 1939.

4) Operettas! Need we say more?

5) The 40s film noir duo?

6) They started drinking and sleuthing in the 30s and were still going strong 13 years later.

7) Who were the most famous male “pals” of the 30s? the 40s? the fifties?

8) Here’s a tough one. There was a “gal pal” duo too. They made shorts for Hal Roach.

9) They became America’s Sweethearts from a different medium, but they did make three films together. Can you name them and the films?

10) Their first film together catapulted her to stardom.

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