We’re fans of Alan Ladd (although we may be in a minority on this), and said as much in our Jan. 22 blog ALAN LADD — Forgotten Man Of Forties Noir.

Thus it was gratifying to hear from a pair of readers — it’s always great to hear from readers — who obviously relish the actor, and regard him as more than just an asterisk as perhaps the shortest leading man in classic Hollywood history.

From reader Joyce:

I  adore Alan Ladd.

He had a magnetic presence and IMO his acting skills were brought to light in those films where he worked with the best directors. (Stevens in ‘SHANE,’ Mate in ‘BRANDED’).

I first discovered him in noir, but have watched many of his other films. I thought he showed a knack for comedy in ‘LUCKY JORDAN.’ I wrote about his 1946 film O.S.S. Here: https://classicfilmobsessions.blogspot.com/2016/01/oss-non-noir-1940s-alan-ladd-wartime.html

Oh and Box 13 is great! :-)

Largely seconding that view is regular reader Patricia Nolan-Hall:

Looks? He got ‘em.

Also, Alan Ladd had one of Hollywood’s sexiest voices. I can listen to his radio show, ‘Box 13’ for hours.

So Ladd is not only cherished as a film star but as a radio personality as well. Thanks Jocelyn and Patricia.

And that’s Ladd himself in the photo above, along with noir opposite, Veronica Lake, his memorable costar.


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