Evelyn Keyes had from almost the beginning of her career an active Hollywood love life.

She married four times, three to famous show biz names.  Next to last was, for example, director-actor John Huston.

He was experiencing a rough patch in his personal life in the mid-Forties, and first met a a 30-year-old Keyes at a dinner party. He found her to be young and vivacious and companionable.

In his 1980 memoir, An Open Book, Huston wrote: As an antidote to my depression I took her out to dinner a few times. One night at Romanoff’s she leaned across the table and said, out of the blue, ‘John, why don’t we get married?…Right now.  Tonight. Let’s go to Las Vegas.’

And so they did.  The Huston-Keyes marriage lasted from 1946 to 1950, ending in divorce. Below is a shot of Keyes with her fourth and final husband. This time the union lasted off and on for a full 28 years.

Husband number four was bandleader Artie Shaw. (The marriage was his last of eight.)

Now to the answers to our Evelyn Keyes Quiz.  As usual, to reviewe the questions just scroll down to the blog below.  Here we go:

1) Answer: Keyes said that a) Mrs. Mike was her best picture.  It’s a drama about a Boston woman who marries a Mountie by the name of Mike Flannigan, and tells of their marital trials toughing it out in the Canadian Wilderness. Evelyn’s costar was an off-screen lover, Dick Powell. Wonder if that colored her opinion.

2) Answer:  Keyes was nothing if not candid about her personal life.  She was in her early 20’s when she appeared in Gone With The Wind.  Just prior to production, she said, she had had b) an abortion.

3) Answer:  As indicated in the introduction above, Evelyn’s marriage to bandleader Shaw was by far her longest.  (Her first two unions had lasted just a year.)

4) Answer:  d) Gregory Peck.

5) Answer:  Both Evelyn and Elizabeth Taylor shared a man — producer Mike Todd.  He was Keyes’ lover before signing on as Taylor’s third of seven husbands.

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