A recent reader response to our blog about the incredible talent, Eleanor Powell, comes from BERN:  “I’ve seen a number of Eleanor Powell movies and each time I’m in awe of her talent, her ability to make what she did look effortless, and the smoothness of her moves. She did outshine Fred Astaire, and I believe he knew it. No one else had, or if they did have, displayed the flexibility she had. The one person who came close was Vera Ellen. I don’t dance, but Miss Powell, you made me wish I could. Bravo to you.”Well said. And our regular contributor Graham Hill noted: “Nothing shows how great ELEANOR POWELL was as a tap dancer, than the “Fascinating Rhythm” number from MGM’s 1942 movie LADY BE GOOD…And nothing shows that number better, than 1994?s THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT III, where you not only get to see that number fully restored and brilliantly re-mastered, but also with Gene Kelly showing you, exactly how they filmed it behind-the-scenes, with all the work of the crew involved.”

We could agree more. Watch anything that showcases the talent of the amazing Miss Powell.


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