She put movie costume designers on the map! She became as recognizable a Hollywood star as any of the actresses she dressed.

Her distinctive colored glasses set her — the self confessed epitome of non-glamour garbed in bland tweed suits  — apart amidst Hollywood’s most beautiful women. She was adoringly referred to as “the little dressmaker.”

She was a notable survivor, lasting 43 years at one studio, Paramount. She was a gifted self promoter on radio and in newspapers, providing practical fashion advice to middle America. Although most movie fans today could not say exactly what Head designed, they know her name.

No wonder since her credits appeared on more than 1,000 film titles.

Ok, how much do YOU know about Edith Head, who died in 1981? Why not take our short Quiz to find out.  Here we go:

1) Question: Costume designer Head nabbed an astounding 35 Oscar nominations over the years. But how many Oscars did she actually win? a) Five; b) Two; c) 12; or d) Eight.

2) Question:  Head was known for her tiny frame, perpetual scowl and for sporting dark blue-tinted glasses.  Why did she wear the specs?  a) To correct a long standing eye condition; b) To look hip and with it; c) To avoid harsh light; or d) To improve her understanding of how costumes would look in black and white.

3) Question: Which one of these actresses was famously NOT dressed by Head?  a) Gloria Swanson; b) Grace Kelly; c) Elizabeth Taylor; or d) Audrey Hepburn. 

4) Question: Head always approached her work with non-nonsense efficiency and respect for the bottom line.  But what quality really cemented her relationships with so many famale stars? a) Her easy access to studio bosses; b) Her relative homeliness; c) Her adoption of the role of confessor-therapist; d) None of the above.

5) Question: In 1959, Head’s autobiography, The Dress Doctor, was published. How many copies of the book were sold?  a) 10,000; b) 500,000; c) 8.5 million; or d) under 20,000.

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