How much did you know about the Oscar winner? And do you recognize her with Bogart?

Ok, on the answers to our Dorothy Malone Quiz.

1) Question: What do Dorothy Malone and Ginger Rogers have in common?  a) They shared (at different times) a darkly handsome, actor-playboy French husband; b) They shared troubled early childhoods; c) They shared wholesome, good looks that could on a dime turn sexy; or d) They had nothing at all in common.

1) Answer: a) Dorothy and Ginger Rogers shared the same husband — at different times, of course. He was the darkly handsome French-born actor, Jacques Bergerac. He was Rogers’ fourth of five husbands (from 1953 to 1957) and the first of Malone’s three spouses (1959 to late 1964). He later became an executive with cosmetics purveyor Revlon. The end of his Malone union ended badly with a custody battle over the couples two daughters, which Dorothy won.

2) Question:  Malone made her biggest screen splash in which one of the following titles? a) 1950’s The Killer That Stalked New York; b) Battle Cry; c) 1955’s Five Guns West; or d) 1956’s Written on the Wind.

2) Answer:  d) Written on the Wind, which won Dorothy her Academy Award. Rock Hudson came along for the ride.

3) Question:  Malone tried to seduce Humphrey Bogart in which of the following pictures?  a) The Maltese Falcon; b) Across The Pacific; c) To Have and Have Not; or d) The Big Sleep.

3) Answer: d) The Big Sleep. Dorothy has a  memorable bit part in this classic film noir as a bespectacled book store clerk who has a hard time hiding her lustful intentions re Humphrey Bogart.  The harried Bogie conveys the sense that given more time in a confusing plot, an interesting romance could have developed. (There they are, the two of them, pictured above.)

4) Question: Dorothy most famously made her mark in television by playing a supporting role in a successful Sixties show on ABC.  Can you name the series?  a) Peyton Place; b) Bewitched; c) I Dream of Jeannie; or d) Petticoat Junction.

4) Answer:  a) Peyton Place, the ABC-TV series (1964-1969) based on the Grace Metalious novel about sex in an American small town. The series wore Dorothy down, and her character was written out in 1968 after she complained about lackluster scripts. Budding star Mia Farrow hogged all the good lines, she said. “I live much more drama and tragedy in my own life that I ever do in ‘Peyton Place.'”

5) Question:  Did Malone really made an appearance in one of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis’ funniest comedies?  a) True; or b) False.

5) Answer: a) True.  It was 1955’s Artists and Models, the 10th (by our count) big screen teaming of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.  Malone plays the former’s love interest.

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