Remember the Wilde Twins? They had a brief career in the 1940s. It could have been a bigger career but they were zapped by technology.

Lyn and Lee Weild were originally band singers from the Midwest. MGM signed them and was planning a big career for them.  They were featured in Andy Hardy’s Double Trouble with Mickey Rooney.

The studio often used the Hardy films to build up new talent. Lana Turner, Donna Reed, Esther Williams, even Judy Garland, had been featured in Rooney’s successful series.

Then the studio started the twins in their own vehicle. It was a small but succesful turn, Twice Blessed. The story was about identical twins whose parents are divorced and the girls try to get the parents back together again. Sound familiar? Same plot as Disney’s two versions of The Parent Trap.

Around this time there were several scripts floating about which had identical twins as the leads. The Wile girls were being considered for the projects and then WHAM.

The technology for split screen imaging had been perfected.  Bette Davis played twins in A Stolen Life and that same year Olivia de Havilland played twins in Dark Mirror.

Lee left the business in 1949. Lyn stayed on playing often unbilled parts. The twins had married brothers, musicians James and Tom Cathcart. Lee died last year and Lyn died at 93 a few weeks ago.


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