Another Monday, another reader challenge to name a couple of our favorite Hollywood newlyweds.

Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys here today to look at some of our favorite stars from Hollywood’s Golden era who were once married to each other.  We’ll quickly note that in most cases the marriages didn’t last. But, hey, they made beautiful couples at the time.

Last week we gave you Tony Martin and Alice Faye. We suspect you’ll have an easier time guessing the female half of today’s mystery couple.

In any case, here are some hints about both.

— Their marriage lasted just a month shy of three years. It was the first for each.

— She had just started her movie career when this shot was taken, a year after she appeared in RKO’s Follow The Fleet costarring Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

— She went on to achieve worldwide fame for a part of anatomy (not her face).

— He was a child star, onstage since the age of four and discovered by Charlie Chaplin. (He had a key role in one of Chaplin’s most successful silent movies.)

— She later married one of America’s most famous and most talented bandleaders, who had a discovery of his own in a young singer named Frank Sinatra.

— He was famously involved in a family squabble about his movie earnings that resulted in legislation to protect the finances of child stars.

— She is perhaps best known by audiences today for her role in one of Marilyn Monroe’s most successful films.  He for his avuncular role in the Sixties TV series The Addams Family.

— She died in 1973 at the relatively young age of 56. At his death in 1984, he was 69.

Ok, who are they?  Let the guessing begin. (Check next Monday’s blog for answers.)

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