Today we begin a new weekly series.

Hello, everybody.  Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys here today to look at many of our favorite stars from Hollywood’s Golden era who were once married to each other.  We’ll quickly note that in most cases the marriages didn’t last. But, hey, they made beautiful couples at the time.

For the next dozen Mondays we’re going to ask you to identify some of these glittering pairings.

We suspect the male member of today’s mystery couple will be easier to name. But the female half was a pretty big show biz deal at the time the above photo was taken.

Ok, here are some hints:

— They were married in Yuma, Arizona, the then go-to destination for Hollywood couples in a hurry to get hitched.

— It was the first marriage for both, and it lasted a mere four years.

— Both were singers. She of great renown in the Thirties and Forties, he of renown then and much later.

— Both went on to successful second marriages. He to a famous dancer-actress.  She to a bandleader who costarred with her on a popular Forties radio series, and whose first name at birth was actually “Wonga.”

— Her last movie role was in 1978’s The Magic of Lassie, playing a waitress opposite James Stewart and Mickey Rooney.

— He was thought by many to be an Italian crooner although he was Jewish (born Alvin Morris).

— He died in July at the age of 98, active until the end. She died 14 years earlier.

Let the guessing begin.  Answers next Monday.


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