As noted yesterday, Dick Powell was a man of many show business faces: band singer, star of seemingly countless movie musicals and a fixture of sorts in Forties film noir. And, lest we forget, film director.

He later moved on to a successful TV career, embracing the medium when movie stars regarded it as a surefire career finisher.

So, ok, how much do you know about our man.  Check out the answers to Monday’s Quiz to find out.  As always, bonne chance. (To refresh yourselves on the questions, just scroll down to our Monday Quiz.)

1) Answer: c) Lizabeth Scott was Powell’s costar in Pitfall.  He plays a mild mannered insurance agent dismissed by femme fatale Scott, who takes one look and declares, “you’re a little man with a brief case.”

2) Answer:  Powell’s marriage to (c) Joan Blondell (pictured above with our man) ran from 1936 to 1944.  His marriage to (b) June Allyson (see below), his third and final, ran from 1945 to his death.

3) Answer:  Powell was hired during the 1920’s as a vocalist with the (d) Charlie Davis Orchestra out of Indiana. The ensemble, very popular for a time, disbanded in 1929.

4) Answer:  This is a trick question. Sorry (it is summertime, after all). Powell starred in ALL four musicals.  But (d) 1943’s Happy Go Lucky was produced at Paramount, not Warner Bros.

5) Answer:  (a) Charles Boyer, (b) Rosalind Russell and (c) Joel McCrea partnered with Powell in 1952’s Four Star Productions. As noted by faithful reader Patricia Nolan-Hall (Caftan Woman), David Niven joined the group after McCrea bowed out.

6) Answer: b) Humphrey Bogart.  Writes film noir maven Eddie Muller: Although Dick Powell did a fine job (playing Philip Marlowe) in ‘Murder, My Sweet,’ he couldn’t quite conceal his bouncy, hoofer’s energy beneath a rash of stubble and a rumpled suit.

7) Answer:  b) False.  As you’ll see when you review the answer to question 10, Powell’s pipe smoking on TV didn’t kill him or hamper his health in any serious way.

8) Answer:  The Dick Powell Show, an anthology of action-adventure films, ran on network television from 1961 to 1963.

9) Answer: b) False.  Eleanor Powell, born in Massachusetts in 1912, is not related to Dick Powell, born in 1904 in Arkansas.

10) Answer:  Powell, Susan Hayward, John Wayne and Agnes Moorehead all died of of various forms of cancer believed to be connected to radiation exposure on the Saint George, Utah location of 1955’s The Conqueror. The town was near an above-ground atomic test blast site in the adjacent Nevada desert, heavily used during the Fifties. Wayne, Hayward and Moorehead were in the cast.  Powell, who died of cancer of the lymph glands in 1963, directed the movie.

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