Reader feedback.  We love it but don’t get enough of it. That’s why we urge you to drop what your doing right now and express your approval — outrage? — at what we publish directly to us.

One reader who does express himself early and often is Graham Hill.  Graham is a veteran of just about every facet of Hollywood moviemaking, and we always take pause to consider his invariably well-expressed opinions. He keeps us very much on our toes.

So, today, we’d like to feature Graham’s views on a number our of recently published blogs. Here we go:

In response to our Nov. 30 piece, BING CROSBY’S DRAMATIC PARTS, Graham writes:

Great singers like Bing Crosby usually turn out to be great actors… if they can sell the emotions of a song, well then — why not a speaking part. Singing is very much acting.

Unfortunately, Bing had a well documented dark side, a troubled personal life that so conflicted with the Father O’Malley saintly image. His fellow saintly pals Bob Hope and Frank Sinatra, had an even darker ones, even more well documented.

It always comes as a great shock, a feeling of betrayal to learn that our heroes, whether movie stars, sports stars, politicians, whatever… are really not what we thought they were. Most of us can accept that, see them as human and not perfect, and even still be fans.

But there are still many who will always totally ignore the reality, as the fantasy is so much easier to live with. 

As Humphrey Bogart said “all you owe the public is a good performance.” And those “good performances” are what the likes of Bing Crosby, Bob Hope, John Wayne, Steve McQueen and whoever else, really delivered. And all that we should ever have a right to expect from them!

Re our Nov. 23 blog, ELEANOR POWELL Forgotten Star,  Hill has this to say:

Nothing shows how great ELEANOR POWELL was as a tap dancer, than the ‘Fascinating Rhythm’ number from MGM’s 1942 movie ‘LADY BE GOOD’… And nothing shows that number better, than 1994’s ‘THAT’S ENTERTAINMENT III,’ where you not only get to see that number fully restored and brilliantly re-mastered, but also with Gene Kelly showing you, exactly how they filmed it behind-the-scenes, with all the work of the crew involved.

Graham is a Dorothy Malone fan, and contributed this in response to our DOROTHY MALONE Quiz of Nov. 13-14:

 Guys, you might want to mention a VERY unique movie that Dorothy Malone co-starred in with Robert Stack, and that is ‘THE LAST VOYAGE’ from MGM in 1960. The movie written, produced, directed and edited by the husband and wife team of Andrew and Virginia Stone, not only predates ‘THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE,’ it was shot completely on a REAL ship, the ocean liner SS Ile de France. The ship was destined for the scrap yard after 30 years of cruising the Atlantic, and was leased out at $4,000 a day off the coast of Japan.

On a tight budget, a good cast, and really nerve gripping scenes with a real ship starting to go under, it is well worth catching on TCM or DVD!

Finally, Graham is less fond of Stewart Granger, but has this to say re our Remember STEWART GRANGER? Our Quiz blog published on Nov. 6-7:

Joe & Frank really come up with some fine questions, anyway I’ll try to guess the right answers even though I’m not much of a fan of Stewart Granger. At least though, he was honest about what he thought of his career. Personally, I thought his playing against type performance as the slimey, scumbag merchant banker in ‘THE WILD GEESE,’ was one of his best roles.

That’s Granger above, of course.

Thanks for the contributions, Graham.



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