Although she has been off the silver screen for some 70 years Deanna Durbin, the singing star of the 1930s and 40s has a devoted following.  Such was her impact.

We’ve published a fair amount about Deanna — our previous DD blogs include Need To Know Deanna Durbin and Deanna Durbin – Rival to Judy,  Nov. 10-11, 2011 — but an update is in order since it’s been a while since we covered this extraordinary but all-too-often forgotten star.

Although today it is hard to imagine that a film star who was so famous then can now be so forgotten, that is the fate of Edna May Durbin, known as Deanna. Still, her name creeps up in the oddest places.  Not just on announcements about films being shown on TCM, but in historical and literary references.

So exactly how much DO you know about Deanna Durbin? Let’s take our updated Quiz to find out.  Questions today and answers tomorrow. Here we go:

1) Question: Where was she born? 1) Des Moines, Iowa; 2) Sheffield, England; 3) Nutley, New Jersey; or 4) Winnepeg, Manitoba, Canada.

2) Question: How old is she now? 1) Seventy two; 2) Eighty three;  3) Ninety; or 4) One hundred and four.

3) Question: Did she ever win an Academy Award? 1) No, but was nominated several times; 2) Yes;  or 3) Yes, but it was shared.

4) Question: She made over 20 films and shorts in her 12 year career, yet only one film was in Color. Which one?

5) Question: Was Deanna the voice for Walt Disney’s Snow White?

6) Question: On which radio program was Deanna a regular feature? 1) The Charlie McCarthy Show (with Edgar Bergen); 2) Allen’s Alley with Fred Allen; 3) The Jack Benny Program; or 4) The Eddie Cantor Show.

7) Question: What’s the connection between Deanna Durbin and Anne Frank?

8 ) Question: Who gave her her first screen kiss?  In what movie? And why was it front page news?

9) Question: In what novel does a character claim to have seen a Deanna Durbin film seven times, only he can’t remember which film?

10) Question:  Durbin appealed to several key World War II figures who considered her their favorite star. Who are they?  1) Dwight Eisenhower, 2) Albert Speer; 3) Benito Mussolini; 4) Douglas MacArthur; or 5) Winston Churchill.

Bonus trivia bit: Deanna was off screen for so long that by the 1980 there were rumors that she was fat and unrecognizable.  She sent the newsmagazines a photo to prove otherwise.

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