We admit it.  This quiz is a toughie.  Perhaps the first question should be, who the hell is Constance Collier?

One thing for sure, she made her mark in movies at quite an advanced age. She was born in England way back in 1878, and didn’t arrive in Hollywood until she was 57.  Even then she took Tinseltown in two phases: the first during the silent film era and, nearly a decade later, the second from 19356 until 1950.  By 1955 she was gone — dead at the age of 77.

Fact is that Collier was a far more celebrated as a stage actress in England and the U.S. rather than as a movie personality. The only child of professional actors, she graced the stage for the first time — in was in a production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream — at age three. By the time she was a teenager Collier was a tall standout in singing and dancing roles and in the now forgotten art of elocution.

Three years before making her U.S. stage debut she married she married her one and only husband, British actor and performing partner Julian Boyle (a handsome devil who went under the name of “Julian L’Estrange”). The childless union lasted until his death of influenza in 1918.

During her second stage tour of the U.S. in 1916, Collier found herself playing in four silent films including an uncredited turn as an extra in D.W. Griffith’s Intolerance. It was not until the early Thirties that Collier emerged as a strong player in mainstream studio pictures.

Ok, let’s get to our Constance Collier Quiz, and see how much you remember about this accomplished actress. As usual questions today, answers tomorrow.

1) Question: When Collier first arrived in Hollywood in the late 1920’s she was NOT employed as an actress.  For which of the following occupations was she hired?  a) Irving Thalberg’s secretary; b) A costume designer; c) A script supervisor; or d) A voice coach.

2) Question: Collier is perhaps best remembered for her supporting role in which one of the following Alfred Hitchcock films?  a) Shadow of a Doubt; b) Rope; c) The Paradine Case; or d) Spellbound.

3) Question: The photo below shows Collier with a distinguished British actor who starred in producer David Selznick’s 1936 production of Little Lord Fauntleroy. Can you identify him. (Hint: his name begins with an initial.)  

 Image result for photos of constance collier

4) Question: Which of the following did Collier NOT appear with onscreen?  a) Bob Hope; b) Shirley Temple; c) Betty Hutton; or d) Ginger Rogers.

5) Question: Katherine Hepburn, once a protege of Collier’s, wound up becoming  lifelong friend. a) True; or b) False.

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