Well, just how much did you know about “the King”?

Before answering, take a second or two to appreciate (above) just what a handsome dog our Monday Quiz man was.  So what that he sported false teeth.

Ok, let’s check in with the answers to our Clark Gable quiz. (To refresh yourselves on the questions, just scroll down to the blog below.)

1) Answer: Gable dismissed Gone With The Wind as b) a “woman’s picture,” which in the actor’s lexicon, wasn’t a good thing.

2) Answer:  c) Vivien Leigh, who got full blasts of Gable’s halitosis (those false teeth) on that woman’s picture mentioned above.

3) Answer:  a) True.  Word is that Gable proposed to Nancy Davis in 1948 when he was between marriages three and four, the former with Carole Lombard, who was killed in an air crash in 1942.  Davis, unhitched at the time, declined the actor’s offer and became Mrs. Ronald Reagan in 1952.

4) Answer: a) True.  He thankfully lost out for the leading role in 1932’s Tarzan The Ape Man to former amateur swimmer Johnny Weissmuller. But he was seriously considered the for the part.

5) Answer:  d) Loretta Young.  For details see our Jan 4., 2012 blog, DID LORETTA YOUNG HAVE AN ILLEGITIMATE CHILD?

6) Answer:  c) Judy Garland.

7) Answer:  b) False.  Gable and Greta Garbo couldn’t stand each other on or offscreen. She regarded him as something of a lunkhead and wooden as an actor.  He dismissed her a snob.

8) Answer:  a) Lionel Barrymore.  He did MGM and the rest of us quite a favor.

9) Answer:  Gable spent (b) 23 years at MGM.  For a long time he was the studios biggest male star.

10) Answer:  William Powell. He was Carol Lombard’s first husband, from 1931 until 1933.  She famously married Gable six years later.

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