Which of her many films (a total of 87 movie and tv credits) were the most fun to make? Well, our Quiz subject Claire Trevor in a late 80’s newspaper interview, identified two favorites.  Can you guess what they are?

Well, since this the day to ANSWER questions, we’ll help out: the first mentioned is 1939’s Stagecoach with John Wayne.  It was fun, she said, because (director) John Ford was marvelous.

Second mentioned was John Huston’s superb 1948 drama, Key Largo.  Why? Because everyone in the cast was interesting or exciting or different, recalled Trevor.  (The film’s cast included, among others, Edward G. Robinson, Humphrey Bogart, Lauren Bacall, Lionel Barrymore and Thomas Gomez. An interesting lot.)

Ok, let’s get to the answers to our Claire Trevor Quiz. To review the questions, just scroll down to the blog below.  Here we go:

1) Answer: b) False.  Claire was nominated twice for a best supporting actress Oscar, for 1938’s Dead End — with Bogart, above– and 1955’s The High and the Mighty. She WON in the suppporting actress category for her moving performance in Huston’s Key Largo. She memorably plays washed up night club singer, Gaye Dawn, reduced to a groveling song performance by sadistic gangster Robinson.  It its one of the screen’s most pathetic moments.

2) Answer:  d) All of the above.

3) Answer: b) Lawrence Tierney, Trevor’s costar in Born To Kill. She anchors that picture, and her femme fatale lead is the polar opposite of Robinson’s used up singer-mistress (Gaye Dawn) in Key Largo. Tierney is her brutal lover; Trevor handles him in kind. The actress’ terrifically strong performance is one of film noir’s most unforgettable screen turns. In fact, it’s hard to determine in Born To Kill which of the leading characters is the most twisted — Tierney’s or Trevor’s.  What a recipe for delicious noir!

4) Answer:  Trevor did not make a feature film with c) Alfred Hitchcock, but made an appearance on his tv anthology, Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

5) Answer: a) Spencer Tracy. Trevor liked his way with a line.

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