So, how much did you really know about British-born Claire Bloom, the thinking man’s actress who romantically got around fully as much as her less cultured Hollywood sisters?

Forget Ibsen and Shakespeare. The Bloom we love comes across nicely in the sexually provocative (for its time, 1962), slightly nutty housewife The Chapman Report and as the seductive pirate girl in 1958’s The Buccaneer (directed by a famous actor. Can you name him?). Bloom was always a looker, and the less refined the role, the better she looked.

Anyway, let’s find out how you did on our Monday Quiz.  As usual, to refresh yourselves on the questions, just scroll down to the blog below. Now to our answers:

1) Answer: c) Bloom’s one and only child, daughter Anna by first husband Rod Steiger, grew up to become a well-regarded opera singer.

2) Answer: c) Paul Scofield.  Bloom may have flirted with aplenty when they appeared together onstage, but she never married the great British actor.  Her husbands in order:  actor Rod Steiger, producer Hillard Elkins and finally, novelist Philip Roth.

3) Answer:  Charlie Chaplin himself chose Bloom to be his costar in d) 1952’s Limelight.  He plays an aging music hall clown, she plays a young ballerina given to thoughts of suicide. After viewing this piece of sentimental hogwish, the audience can be forgiven for doing the same.

4) Answer:  b) Charlton Heston.  As for Richard Burton, he boasted that he was the lover who deflowered Bloom.

5) Answer:  For two years in the 1990’s, Bloom played a matriarch-murderess on b) As the World Turns.

6) Answer:  Bloom’s final husband was novelist Philip Roth.  Their marriage ended badly in 1995.  A year later Bloom unflatteringly described the union in her book, Leaving A Doll’s House: A Memoir. Roth took umbrage, and then wrote I Married A Communist in 1998, being sure to include an upleasant character — representing Bloom.

7) Answer:  This is a trick question.  Bloom has played ALL of these Shakespearean parts.

8) Answer:  Bloom had great success playing Blanche Dubois in Tennessee William’s The Streetcar Named Desire on the stage.  Playwright Williams expansively extolled her version of the role. It’s her favorite.

9) Answer:  In 1968’s Charly, Bloom plays the maternal caretaker of the mentally challenged title character, played by Cliff Robertson.  It was Robertson who sparked the sensational 1970’s Hollywood scandal when a Columbia Pictures chief was found forging checks to cover gambling debts

10) Answer:  1965’s The Spy Who Came In From The Cold, a great international spy thriller. The picture costarred Bloom and Richard Burton.

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