Hello, everybody. Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, here today to provide the no doubt widely awaited answers to our July 9 Cheesecake quiz starring two of the more contemporaneous examples of the art that flourished during World War II.

At the top of the line back then were Bette Grable, of course, as well as Rita Hayworth, Ann Sheridan, Ava Gardner and Veronica Lake, among others. The actresses pictured today are more current and are presented more boldly.  Who are they?

Actress No. 1 was born Donna Mae Tjaden in Tacoma, Washington in 1922.  Janis Paige was musical almost from birth, and was a pretty good singer by age 5. She established herself as the feisty second female banana in Warner Bros. productions of the Forties often paired with second lead Jack Carson.

Her career reached its high point in the Fifties not in Hollywood but on Broadway where Janis costarred with John Raitt in the musical The Pajama Game. (Doris Day played her role in the 1957 film version.) Janis is perhaps best known today for her tv roles in the serials. General Hospital and Santa Barbara.

Our second Cheesecake pinup is younger, born in 1940 in Berlin, Germany. The seriously sexy Elke Sommer is one of the loveliest screen vixens of the Sixties with full lips and high cheekbones framing on top a signature bouffant hairdo.

A smarty pants from her early days, Sommer had planned a carreer as a translator (she speaks seven languages) but got derailed by winning a beauty contest in Italy.  “Discovered” by Italian Director-actor Vittorio DeSica, Elke eventually wound up in Hollywood costarring in a wide range of films — from comedies with Peter Sellers and Bob Hope to suspense dramas starring Paul Newman.

Sommers often appeared a lot smarter than her material, but she never lacked sexiness onscreen.  Sommer, who turns 73 in November, was a  solid semi-modern sample of Cheesecake.

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