As mentioned in our Monday Quiz preamble yesterday, the legend of Charlie Chaplin continues to live on even though he’s been dead for nearly 40 years.

Critics still debate his legacy — as in, was Buster Keaton the real comedy giant of the early 20th century? — but few doubt Chaplin’s standing as the most internationally famous movie star Hollywood ever produced

You thought you knew almost everything there was to know about the master?  Well, let’s check on that and today’s answers to our Charlie Chaplin Quiz. (As usual, scroll down to yesterday’s blog for the questions.)

1) Answer:  No question, b) Charles Dickens. The many hardships Chaplin suffered in his early life convinced the late writer/tv commentator Alistair Cooke to opine in the Fifties that he was Charles Dickens reborn…there is eerie similarity between ‘Oliver Twist’ and the first sixty pages or so of Chaplin’s ‘Autobiography.’.. as a reincarnation of everything spry and inquisitive and Cockney-shrewd and invincibly alive and cunning, Chaplin was young Dickens in the flesh. 

2) Answer:  b) Buster Keaton and d) Mack Sennett.  Both Hedda Hopper and Howard Hughes were NOT Chaplin fans for various reasons.

3) Answer:  c) Lon Chaney.

4) Answer:  b) False.  Chaplin was a British cockney. He wasn’t Jewish, although the Nazi’s wrongly believed otherwise, describing Chaplin as “a little Jewish acrobat, as disgusting as he is tedious.”

5) Answer:  c) Orson Welles, who asserted that he “wrote the whole script” for 1947’s Monseur Verdoux, and offered to direct Chaplin in it.  Chaplin declined the latter offer but, said Welles, bought the script from him. So a check came in for $1,500 something like that.  The cheapest man who ever lived.

6) Answer: b) False.  Much of the world, but not everyone, embraced “The Little Tramp.” Hollywood trade newspaper Variety wrote back then that never anything dirtier was placed on the screen than Chaplin’s ‘Tramp.’ Chaplin was held suspect for years by some for his sexual behavior and political views. 

7) Answer: b) Jackie Coogan.

8) Answer: c) 1936’s Modern Times in which Chaplin walks off with his third wife, Paulette Goddard

9) Answer:  a) Chaplin got hitched four times to: Mildred Harris, Lita Grey, Paulette Goddard and (see answer below).

10) Answer:  c) Chaplin’s fourth and last wife was Oona O’Neill, the daughter of playwright Eugene O’Neill (see photo above).  She was just 18 while he was 54 when they got married in 1943.  The union was a happy one producing eight children, and lasting until Chaplin’s death in 1977.

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