Hello, everybody. Joe Morella and Frank Segers, your classic movie guys, knee-deep in our email bag once again and enjoying ourselves mightily. Few things tickle us more than hearing from our very discerning readers.

Here’s a sampling of the communiques we have received lately.

R.A. Kerry writes us in awe about our Lizabeth Scott blog (Lizabeth Scott — The Queen of Film Noir, July 24) in which we revealed to the world for the very first time Joe’s possession of a vintage vocal recording waxed by the Queen herself (pictured above).

We wrote: In many of her films she portrayed sexy night club singers.  Her voice was always dubbed. But after her film career ended in 1957, to prove that she really could sing, she released an album which Joe ran out to buy (its attractive cover is pictured on our July 24 blog).

That impressed R.A., who writes, I didn’t know she had released an album and that she really could sing. Great post – lots of new (to me) info!

The title of the album is simply, lizabeth. It was released by Vik, an offshoot founded in 1955 of RCA Victor Records. Joe had been so secretive about his possession of lizabeth that Frank has yet to hear it. (He takes Joe’s word about the quality of Scott’s singing.) In any case, R.A., check the internet.  The album may still be alive and for sale somewhere.

In response to our July 19 blog, Where’s Hitchcock in the ‘LIFEBOAT’ — wondering how  director Hitchcock could make his trademark cameo appearance in a movie starring Tallulah Bankhead about a boat adrift in the North Atlantic — Mike Sheridan writes:

I just saw this movie about two weeks ago on TMC. Bankhead was a real siren. She stole the show and made me save her in my favorites. A real good movie with ironic ending.

Emma Tameside was so impressed with the vintage auto (a Cadillac Sport Phaeton) sitting next to Robert Montgomery in our May 21 stars ‘n’ cars blog, Another Classic Car — Another Very Classy Star, that she wrote the following:

What an absolutely magnificent car. I would love to see one restored today but I doubt I’ll ever have the opportunity.  I thought my 1962 Rover was a beauty until I saw this, although it’s really reminded me to renew the insurance on it.  So although I’m now envious, thank you.

Robert Montgomery sure knows how to roll in style.  I only really know him from the show anthology, but he was a fairly good actor and person all round.  Really enjoyed this article, keep up the good content!

Thanks, Emma.  More music to our ears. By the way, you might check out Montgomery’s oustanding performance in John Ford’s superb World War II drama, They Were Expendable.

Finally, regular correspondent Patricia Nolan-Hall (Caftan Woman) has this to say about our July 30 blog, Author Meets Creation, another in our mystery Monday photo series challenging you to identify famous subjects.  (You might want to take a look at the July 30 blog before reading further.)

Hi guys. Almost too easy for this early in the morning. Ian Lancaster Fleming and – oh what’s that fellow’s name? – Sean Connery. Coincidentally, the hubby mentioned the other day something about first reading a Bond novel when he was in his teens. For the life of me I can’t recall the context of the conversation. Either I’m getting old or I wasn’t giving him my full attention. For shame!









July 19 submission.


(Hedda, Louella and ‘CITIZEN KANE’ published on July 9)



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