We suspect that you are reasonably confident that you pretty much know already everything important that there is to know Cary Grant.

That’s why for today’s Cary Grant Quiz, we are tightening the screws a little bit.

Our questions this time are inspired by a most pleasurable reading of author Scott Eyman’s recently published biography of the actor, Cary Grant: A Brilliant Disguise. The book, clocking in at more than 500 pages, provides ample material and tidbits about which you may not know.

We’ll start off with a familiar question that author Eyman deals with early. Rumors about Cary Grant’s sexual preferences did and still do swirl about the life of this classic of all classic movie actors.

Given the pleasure the former Archibald MacLeish has provided so many over a 34-year career comprising 77 movies, should we care? But care, apparently, we still do. So with our opening question, let’s get this out of the way.

Answers tomorrow. Here we go:

Question 1:  Was Cary Grant a) strictly heterosexual?  b) Was he bisexual? c) Was he a closeted gay man; or d) was he asexual?

Question 2: The subtitle of Eyman’s biography is “a brilliant disguise.” What does this say about the actor? a) That he was bipolar; b) That Archie Leach was really not how Grant wanted to be identified; c) That in many respects Grant was a phony; or d) None of the above.?

Question 3: No question that Grant’s early career was boosted by his casting in two Thirties features starring Mae West. But is it true that he also had an intense personal affair with her? a) Yes; or b) No.

Question 4: Grant began experimenting with LSD in the 1950’s. He regarded the drug positively at first but discontinued taking it in the Sixties. Taking LSD was an utterly foolish thing to do, ┬áhe said. His drug-taking experimentation ruined at least one of his marriages. Which one? a) To Virginia Cherrill; b) To Betsy Drake; c) To Barbara Hutton; or d) To Dyan Cannon.

Question 5: Grant was pretty healthy most of his life, lasting 82 years. What killed him and where?

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