Although her career was cut down in the prime of her life Carole Lombard in a short time managed to create a persona which has carried her into cinema immortality. She was sassy, sexy and full of beans.  A great comedienne.

How much do you know about her?  Well let’s check out the answers to our Monday Quiz to find out.  As usual, if you’d like to go over the questions again, just scroll down to the blog below.  Here we go:

1) Answer: That big lunk pictured above was Lombard husband number two.  The marriage last from 1939 until her death in 1942. Clark Gable wasn’t that much older than his bride at the time.  She was born in 1908 in Fort Wayne, Ind.; Gable was born seven years earlier in Cadiz, Ohio.

2) Answer:  b) Lombard was never known as “the scourge of Bel Air,” an area of Los Angeles that she never lived in.

3) Answer:  Lombard began her movie career at age 12, but she was was 33 when she died in 1942.

4) Answer:  b) False.  Lombard never saw To Be Or Not To Be since it was released after her death.

5) Answer:  c) William Powell, who was Lombard husband number one.

6) Answer: c)  Lombard was quite vocal about her inability to have children by Gable.  She blamed him.

7) Answer:  c) Lana Turner, one of Hollywood legendary sexpots.  Lombard was terrified that she’s have an affair with Gable, and often had spirited arguments with her husband such a likelihood.

8) Answer:  a) Joan Crawford, who said that her post Lombard affair with Gable lasted longer than most of Hollywood realized.

9) Answer: b) Lombard had been appearing in a series of successful War Bonds rallies in the Midwest when her return flight back to California slammed into the side of a mountain in Nevada.  Lombard, her mother and some 20 other passengers were killed.

10) Answer:  Sorry.  This is a trick question.  Lombard was called “ma” by none of the choices. Rather, it was Gable’s affectionate nickname for his wife.



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