Whenever we write about Susan Hayward we get plenty of mail. Philippe wrote in:

I am so happy that Susan Hayward is not a Turner or Hayworth type of star figure…She is Susan Hayward….and i love her for who she was and will be, eternally on film: an incredible , expressive face with her fascinating mane of red hair, a powerful actress capable to hold a whole movie on her own.

Nobody compared to her in Hollywood then and now.

In Europe “The lusty men” (Nicholas Ray / 1952) and “I want to live” (Robert Wise/1958) are regarded as true American classics, and Susan Hayward will definitetely remain a MAJOR American movie star and actress to her many fans.
In “Where love has gone” (1964), she completely outshines Bette Davis…She was also much more beautiful than Davis…Hayward, “a bargain basement Davis”!…Let me laugh :-)…When acting their scenes together, i only have eyes for Hayward…she puts Davis in the shadow!
She was top billed, above Davis by the way , in this 1964 movie while stars like Crawford and De Havilland had to take second billing to Davis in the 1960’s… It was unthinkable to bill Susan Hayward under Bette Davis in 1964 of course , cause Susan was still a major box office draw…One year prior to that, in 1963, Hayward did a remake of a 1930’s Davis movie “Dark victory” , called “Stolen Hours.”…She was wonderful in it, restrained and superior to the always, in my eyes, over the top and often caricatural Davis.

And again Hayward was a great beauty…..Both a great actress and a great beauty , what Daryl Zanuck concluded justly, saying about her in 1951: “she is my 12 million dollar baby (referring of course to her enormous box office power then at 20th Century Fox) and she is the missing link in Hollywood between the beauties and the actresses!

Thanks Philippe! We wish all our readers would comment on the stars, directors and films we discuss.

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