There she is with Hedy Lamarr.

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And there’s the movie that featured them both — Hedy and Spring Byington.

Now to the answers to our Spring Byington Quiz:

1) Question: As mentioned, Byington played a mother in Little Women.  Which of the following were cast as her daughters?  a) Joan Bennett; b) Jean Parker; c) Katharine Hepburn; or d) Frances Dee.

Answer:  Oops.  Another of our trick questions. All four actresses were supervised by mother Spring Byington in Little Women.

2) Question: Which of the following actors played BOTH a father and a husband to Byington in separate films.  a) Boris Karloff; b) Fredric March; c) Lionel Barrymore; or d) Harry Morgan.

Answer:  c) Lionel Barrymore who played Byington’s husband in 1935’s Ah Wilderness! and father in 1938’s You Can’t Take It With You.

3) Question:  Byington was nominated for an Oscar for which one of the following titles? a) 1935’s Ah Wilderness; b) 1941’s When Ladies Meet; c) 1938’s You Can’t Take It With You; or d) 1936’s Dodsworth.

Answer: c) Byington was nominated for her role as feisty performance Penny Sycamore in You Can’t Take it With You. 

4) Question: As mentioned, Byington carved out a pretty solid tv career as the star of which of the following series?  a) Laramie; b) 77 Sunset Strip; c) December Bride; or d) Pete and Gladys. 

Answer: c) Byington is perhaps most remembered for her role as an attractive widow living with her daughter and son-in-law in the CBS situation comedy, December Bride. The show ran for five seasons beginning in 1954, and was popular in syndication.

5) Question: Despite playing all those maternal roles, Byington was widely known in Hollywood as a fast-living woman off-screen, who went through several marriages.  a) True; or b) False.

Answer: b) False.  Byington was the soul of propriety offscreen (as well as on for the most part) and she married just once, to Roy Chandler.  The divorce came in 1920.

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