Yes, they all made movies. Sure, two of them were bandleaders. Yes, two of them won Oscars for Best Actor.

And yes, two were married to women who were bigger stars than they were.

Two (and a half) of them were singers. Two of them were avid golfers. But what did John Wayne, Bing Crosby, Desi Arnaz and Phil Harris all have in common?

They all loved deep sea fishing in Mexico.

Back in the 1940s Mazatlan was a draw for deep sea fisherman. However there was a spot even closer to Hollywood, that promised good fishing. It was at the end of the Baja Peninsula.

There was a sleepy town there, San Jose de Cabo. And an even sleepier, smaller settlement, Cabo San Lucas, at the tip of the cape. But it had been almost demolished by a hurricane in 1941.

However some smart developers saw an opportunity to start a resort town at the tip of Baja. And our four stars chipped in and built a hotel in Cabo in the late 1940s. These men liked to drink and fish. Two activities for which Cabo is still famous.

In case you didn’t figure out the duos cited above — Wayne and Crosby won Oscars, Arnaz and Harris were bandleaders, and married to women more famous than they. Desi, of course to Lucille Ball, Harris to Alice Faye.

Bing and Desi were singers (as was Harris of a sort). And Harris and Crosby loved golf.

But they all loved fishing off Mexican shores and carousin on land. (By the way that’s Crosby and Harris pictured above flanking an unidentified woman.)

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