An unusual Monday Quiz today.

Instead of answering specific questions about each of these three chaps, we want to know:

(a) just who are these people;

(b) who is their (in two cases) more famous sibling;

…and (c) the title of least one of the films most often associated with the more celebrated frere.

As usual, questions today and answers tomorrow.  Ok, here we go.

Recognize the guy ogling the two “starlets”? His brother helped him get into the movies. Hint: he was born in Russia.

What about brother no. 2?

(He had a reputation as a ladies man and an off-camera troublemaker. If anything his brother exceeded him in both categories. Hint:  He was born in Brooklyn.)

And, this guy below, brother no. 3, who had a pretty decent career on his own.

Yup, all three had movie star brothers. Who are they, who are their siblings, and what movies are they famous for?

Questions, questions. As mentioned, answers tomorrow.

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