How many of you correctly identified the sets of movie star brothers we presented last Thursday. You probably guessed at James Arness and his younger brother Peter Graves, but did you know the other duo?

Hello Everybody. Brothers in spirit, Morella and Segers, back to discuss brothers on the silver screen back in the 40s and 50s.

The Aurness brothers (James changed the spelling, Peter opted for a different last name) made some A films.  James was in The Farmer’s Daughter and Battleground.  He was a great pal of John Wayne and also appeared in Wayne’s films Big Jim McLain, Hondo, and The Sea Chase.

Peter Graves had a key role in Stalag 17 and appeared in The Night of the Hunter and The Court Martial of Billy Mitchell.

But the brothers both achieved their lasting fame on TV.  James in Gunsmoke. Peter in Mission Impossible.










The Tierney brothers (pictured above) might have been a little more difficult to identify. Although Lawrence Tierney had a very long career first as a leading man (his breakout feature was the biography, Dillinger) and later as a character actor (Quentin Tarantino’s Reservoir Dogs.)

Despite his roles on screen and television he is probably best remembered for his arrests.  He was an alcoholic and a brawler and was often in the news, once for being stabbed in a bar fight, often for taking on other brawlers and the police.  He served time in prison.

His younger brothers followed him in the acting profession. Jerry changed his name to Scott Brady and like Lawrence specialized in tough guy roles.  His most famous film is Johnny Guitar. Brady worked mostly in TV.  He too had several run ins with the law and was quite a lady’s man as well, involved with Gwen Vernon and Dorothy Malone, among others.

The youngest Tierney brother, Edward, left acting early to become a building contractor.

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