How much did you know about early Charles Bronson?

Let’s find out by getting to our Bronson Quiz answers. Here we go:

1) Question:  It seemed that Bronson’s specialty early in his career was playing young, aspiring gangsters.  He succeeds nicely in this 1953 film noir directed by Andre DeToth and starring Sterling Hayden as a seen-it-all cop and Gene Nelson (of all people) as the put-upon hero.  The name of this picture is…….(see below). (Note:  The title listed below is NOT the picture’s current title.  What is?)

1) Answer: Bronson plays one of three San Quentin veterans caught up in a Los Angeles  gas station heist gone wrong in this solid noir titled Crime Wave. (An earlier scrapped title was the less evocative The City is Dark.)

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2) Question: This 1953 picture features Vincent Price in a typically manic role as a real nasty who relies on Bronson as his evil assistant.  (Hint:  The movie was released in 3-D.)

2) Answer: The memorable House of Wax, a remakes of a 1933 Warner Bros. horror item, Mystery of the Wax Museum.  Bronson plays “Igor,” a character not working with a full deck.

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3) Question:  Bronson actually got some favorable notices for his role as “Pittsburgh” (?) in this 1954 Gary Cooper western, which actually had a pretty solid cast including actress Denise Darcel. The movie is…..

3) AnswerVera Cruz. Bronson indeed got some rarely received positive reviews for his performance.

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4) Question: Below is Bronson in the leading role in this low-budget crime biopic about ‘Public Enemy No. 1.’ Identify this fellow and you’ve got the title of the picture…

4) Answer:  1958’s Machine-Gun Kelly, a Roger Cormon limited-budget effort that cast comedian Morey Amsterdam as a truly vicious character named ‘Fandango.’ Both Amsterdam and Bronson in the title role received selective good reviews.

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5) Question: Bronson does indeed get out the greasepaint to play an American Indian (‘Blue Buffalo’) in this 1957 Sam Fuller western starring Rod Steiger. The picture is………

5) AnswerRun of the Arrow. The star here is Steiger who passes as a Native American Sioux. Oh, dear.

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