For the last few weeks we’ve been remembering stars who have left us. We don’t want to forget our cousins across the pond. Three very important players from England died last year, all in their 90’s who expired within six weeks of each other last summer.

Ron Moody, Christopher Lee and Nova Pilbeam (pictured above). Although Nova Pilbeam, who died at age 95,  hadn’t made a film in over 60 years she is still remembered by film buffs as having starred in two of Alfred Hitchcock‘s films of the 1930s, the first The Man Who Knew Too Much, and Young and Innocent.

Ron Moody, who had a long and distinguished career is probably best remembered for his role of Fagin in the film version of Oliver. But if you haven’t seen it check him out in the delightful Miss Marple film Murder, Most Foul. He was 91.

Christopher Lee, who died at 93, was an international star who had an extraordinarily versatile, 70-year career starring usually in as villains of the supercilious variety.  To classic movie fans, he is perhaps best know as Count Dracula in the British-made Hammer horror movies.

Lee was a significant presence later in his career, appearing in the Star Wars prequels of 2002 to 2005, the Lord of the Rings trilogy and — suitably enough — as the nasty villain countering James Bond in 1974’s Man With The Golden Gun.

The towering, 6-foot-5 actor was also a capable singer utilizing his deep, strong voice.  He vocalized everything from grand opera to heavy metal ditties. For his various charity work, Lee was knighted and will forever be known as Sir Christopher.

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